What Is the NeuroTrust? The NeuroTrust is a design lab that works to educate millennials, researchers & design professionals how to use brain-based science to rethink the way we navigate challenging moments in life.

When thinking about how we design organizational systems, we often imagine that successful efforts will reduce costs, make us more money or save us unnecessary time. But how often do we consider how the decisions that we make effect our health or how their design could be healthier for the brain?

Visualizing Change

We use brain health to get to the very heart of the behavior that defines healthy choice. We then use these behaviors to help innovators re-imagine the changes needed to transform systemic health, happiness and well-being, social enterprise (#socent) and ethical investment #impinv.

We also teach innovators how to apply brain science toward complex, systemic social problems. By using the brain’s natural process to develop preventive health options and inform lifestyle choices, our community helps NEXT-GEN developers design strategies and maps that not only create more effective user interactions, but also stimulate the brain’s natural, regenerative relaxation response to create affirmative experiences that reinforce the idea of DOING good by ‘making it FEEL good to DO GOOD.’


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