What Is the NeuroTrust?

The NeuroTrust is a design research lab that works to educate designers and researchers how to rethink their relationship with health so that they can build their capacity to approach their work in more engaging and trauma-informed ways.
Our Mission: Provide evidence-driven public education resources to help those who wish to combat inequity be able to approach their work in ways that are engaging and trauma-informed

Our Vision:

We strive to ‘make it FEEL good to DO GOOD.’

Problem Definition:

We can’t do our best work when we are depleted, overwhelmed, and distracted by all of the brokenness we face in today’s world.

Those who work in the helping professions often suffer from compassion fatigue and burnout, but with cognitive science and evidence-driven approaches, that doesn’t have to be the end of the story.

We believe that trauma informed design can create structural solutions that save us time and energy, reduce costs, and shape better health outcomes.

Our Goal:

The goal of this initiative is to get participants to think through:

  • how they can use trauma-informed interventions to create opportunities for recovery and resilience at each stage of the socio-ecological impact model
  • why they contribute in the ways that they do and
  • how they evaluate progress and measure their efficacy against their anticipated outcomes

Visualizing Change



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