Our Mission

We strive to use the science of brain health to bring out the best in others.

Here at The NeuroTrust, we use cognitive neuroscience & design principles to help innovators:

  • make healthier lifestyle choices
  • create more accessible and rewarding educational initiatives
  • regulate interpersonal behaviors
  • build thriving innovation communities
  • find more rewarding & meaningful work

Our aim is to provide innovation communities with the tools and resources they need to become more effective decision-makers, facilitate better quality professional development programs, and design better interactive end-user experiences.


In short;

At the NeuroTrust, we aim to Make it FEEL good to DO good.


As access to technology and information becomes more widely available, there is an increasing need for accessible omni channel platforms that help people make sense of that information.

Although, the self help and professional industries  generate billions of dollars annually, a lot of the content provides anecdotal information that may not scale across cultural, income, or gender demographics.

So how do you know when you are working with iterative practical information versus some trust fund mogul’s oversimplification of how to achieve success without providing measurable, actionable steps?

Through this initiative, we hope to create an accessible platform that equips front-line community development organizers with the accurate mental maps and support networks they need to help their constituents reach their personal and professional goals.


By working with the brain’s natural processes,  our mission is to leverage empirically validated mental maps from the field of neuroscience that better reflect the process of healthy decision making practice to help public servants

  • select the appropriate curriculum
  • shape and imprint effective behavioral regulation frameworks
  • and leverage the community management tools

they will need to design a better quality of life for themselves and their constituents.



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