Got Passion Fatigue?!

‘The reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have gotten’

~Ritu Ghatoury



In the words of Kid Cudi, “It’s true that pain makes people change.”

There’s a multi-billion dollar self-help industry out there that is designed to shame us when we do give up on something we may have outgrown.

We can often spiral down a rabbit hole across a spectrum of emotions which ultimately beg the question “how did I even get to BE here (in this circumstance that I don’t consent to)?”

The most ubiquitous experience of this can be found when inadvertently fighting with strangers on the internet,


but it shows up in many other pursuits, particularly when our health or things we love — but may not necessarily feel worthy of — end up on the line.

We’ll get into the science of how pain (both physical and psychological can create a state of learned helplessness.

And we want to be very clear, it is the stance of the NeuroTrust to acknowlege that the pain and associated barriers people experience are real.


We all process pain differently, but each individual’s sensitivity to pain is modulated in the same region of the brain, the amygdala and nocireceptors, whether it’s emotional tension or physical trauma generating the source of that pain.


The good news is, that there is also a section of the brain, and we’ll discuss that a bit later, that sends relaxation signals to help ease that tension.

One great exercise that we like to encourage, when working with folks to help them reflect upon the outcomes they would like to see so that we can help them identify when they may have outgrown their goal and/or when to take next steps forward.

Tell us about any progress you’ve made on a goal you’re working toward. What made it worth working toward? What’s driving you now? Inertia? Is it personally meaningful? Have you noticed any signs (or triggers) of fatigue?


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