Facing Forward


I attended a very well managed meeting today where a local community organizer attempted to facilitate a conversation to help her constituents make sense of

a) what they were feeling after the election

b) what strategies they had implemented to take care of their physical and psychological health

c) discuss how the election results would impact their advocacy work and funding in the state of Kentucky (which had just lost both Democratic seats).

And she nailed it.

Never underestimate the power of people who are trained to help you make sense of things…

Aside from having the advantage of being registered as a 504c3 organization, in addition to a 501c3, she had a an incredible program management toolbox, which she used to keep the chapter on task and moving forward in a strategic manner.

She did an excellent job of making sure that everyone had the opportunity to get their needs acknowledged, by asking these five things:

  1. How are you feeling?
  2. What have you been doing for self care after the election?
  3. What were some of the contributions and other successes that we should remember to celebrate?
  4. What challenges do we have ahead of us?
  5. Where are some opportunity areas (or action steps) we can work on in which we believe we can move the needle forward?

Caretakers often have a very difficult task, especially during times when others are shell shocked by adversity.

My personal go-to for inspiration and/or reappraisal is Vicktor Frankl. But I’m also a huge fan of Rabbi Abraham Twerski.

But I also think that Fred Rogers was probably the most ubiquitous public figure who was visibly equipped to help others make sense of complex or frightening things:

TW: violence, children


That’s kind of a lot to process.

So let’s do a little exercise:

We’ll get into the science of why well-equipped caretakers are so critical to ANY recovery process a little bit later.


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