Unpacking the 2016 Election

“To the people who are crying about how could this happen. I tell you, that it happened every time you unfriended somebody just because they disagreed with you. It happened every time you shamed someone for feeling differently about something than you. It happened every time you mocked, minimized, and devalued other voters instead of engaging with them constructively. It happened because of your imperious righteousness. Because of arrogance. Winning strategy, assholes.”

-random guy on the internet

Well lets give credit where it’s due: mistrust and fear were the clear winners of the 2016 election this year.


In an effort to make sense of this year’s election results, I’ve seen quite a bit of finger pointing to try and justify why Americans turned out to elect Donald Trump as its next president.


According to the exit polls:


To describe this phenomenon in more detail,

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