Mentors on the Move | Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership

If you only had the opportunity to listen to one motivational speaker ever in life, make sure that you listen to the 5 Level’s of Leadership by John C. Maxwell.

I’m about to make a pretty bold statement: one I would not ever take lightly, but when it comes to fundamental leadership lessons in life, EVERYTHING else pales in comparison.

But I’ll have to let Mr. Maxwell explain.

What I will say however, is this. I’m not sure how many of you (esp. millennials) have ever experienced the existential crisis that comes from leaving college, getting a full time position, and suddenly coming to a startling realization that you may have hit a dead end.

Perhaps in your optimism, you thought, no biggie, for what I make an hour, it shouldn’t be a hard transition. But then you find yourself in a similar position again, and then again. You worry that you’ve missed something, you just don’t have enough credentials to be taken seriously, or that perhaps the professional world really just does not value those who are genuine and earnest.

Don’t you worry. What you’re experiencing is quite normal. And just like Tuckman’s transition from the storming to norming stages of group dynamics. It’s cool. You’re going to get one piece of pivotal advice that’s going to make a word of difference.

Want to know what it is…?

Click the following link and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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