Making a plan | UX

Now that we’ve rebuilt the infrastructure, we should begin churning out content.

So let me first begin by saying welcome!


We’re very excited by this cool initiative. And as the pieces begin to form together, we hope you’ll be as excited as we are to be a part of this community.

You may notice that we have some new nav bars and have removed some old content.

In an effort to improve YOUR user experience, we’ve opted for a more lean, agile approach to developing content.

Untitled presentation (7)

The Atkinson–Shiffrin Model of cognitive retention (memory) tells us that we do our best work when we can give you content you actually enjoy in a way that your brain will remember it.

So we’re going to keep the posts short, interactive, and do what we can to keep you engaged in the process.

Please don’t hesitate to provide us suggestions or ask  any questions. We can’t make your experience better if we don’t know what you like.

Thanks for dropping in and we look forward to seeing more of you soon!


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