Mechanical Marvels and the Art of Savoring

mechanical marvels

We’re geeking out over the oddities found in this neat documentary!

The film also brings to mind a lot of provocative questions and insights about the art of savoring.

The researchers at Happify describe the act of savoring as a process of regulating positive emotions by redirecting attention toward artifacts and memories that create positive experiences and amplify your ability to feel happy.

Oddities and marvels force us to be present, to get curious and investigate the inner workings of artifacts that steal our attention and remind of the incredible capacity for ingenuity.

Whimsical children’s movies, play, and inventions are all instruments that spark curiosity, but finding ways to slow down and take in everyday, ordinary,  sensory stimuli (things that are visually interesting, tactile, aromatic, rhythmic and melodic sounds, things that taste good or textures you feel that are interesting albeit non threatening…) actually activate higher order functions that humans have evolved to make sense of information and sort it into emotionally imprinted classification categories.

We mentally sort our sentiments into these cognitive bins like

oh that’s useful!

that was so energizing!

…. it was really relaxing, just what I needed!

…in addition to a wide spectrum of considerations we make when deciding whether we find something enjoyable or feel averse to in our process of decision making.

The idea of savoring, is that it’s supposed to not only give you the language and the ability to recognize the tools and resources that bring you comfort, that inspire you, that move you to being better than your current set of competencies.

The practice of savoring also improves your decision making, esp. if you can find attributes of the artifact or experience you are appraising compels you to appreciate its underlying intricacies.

It’s one of the fundamental precepts for why artifacts like pumpkin spice lattes, and adult coloring books are constantly trending.

Click here for more Star Wars printables.

So what kinds of savoring activities do you like to do for yourself or within your community (yes, wine and yoga count)?

You can learn more about Professor Simon Schaffer, the film’s host at


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