Making a Plan: The Web Framework

By now, you may have noticed that the website is still very much in the seedling stage. For those of you who are following the site through its construction, you may have also noticed that the theme has been updated and some of the architecture has been shifted around.

(photo credit: Jessica Holly)

While it may not be customary for most organizations to launch new content without all of the nuts and bolts figured out, this approach is perfectly acceptable in an open learning environment or an experimental design lab.

Bull-monkeys! You say?

Well according to the article by Luba Vangelova’s Mindshift article, The Value of Connecting the Dots to Create “Real Learning,” the learner-driven creation model of process-oriented learning, which allows people to make positive, synaptic connections in their brains, also makes it easier for learners to achieve their goals.

Vangelova quotes former schoolteacher Peter Bergson, who states that the ‘connect the dots model,’ is the essence of what he calls “real learning,” because it leads to competence and possible mastery — in contrast to the typical “memorizing and regurgitating” information strategy that limits learning to awareness but does not provide application or practical value.

Open connection theory is based on the premise that when you figure things out for yourself, you learn that you CAN, in FACT, figure things out, which in turn feels more affirming and energizing. This emotional connection or resonance with our belief in our ability to learn far outweighs any bit of sensory stimuli or “information” you might absorb about the content itself.

The inherent value in free and guided play makes it easier to take pleasure in learning, which in turn makes collaboration more useful than competition. Play and project based education equips learners with the responsibility and right to pursue their own interests in an atmosphere free of the kind of anxiety that arises from our current production model [based upon control and competition].

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