?OTD: Bad Hardware, Bad Software, or Bad Data?

While recommending research to a friend for her final paper on Meta Cognition, I stumbled across this blog post about a woman who found herself trapped in line at the grocery store behind a woman she believed to be mentally challenged.

I can definitely relate to the stress and anxiety that waiting in line present, because my most stressful checkout experiences typically involve people waiting behind me, growing increasingly frustrated at each little mishap or hitch. Don’t believe me? Then watch this?

Video credit: PBS tweets
Video credit: PBS tweets

Did anyone else find that kind of nerve-wracking? Or was that merely an empath thing?

When thinking about how we apply the concept of hardware, software, or data toward the approaches we use to manage stress, the following questions came to mind:

  • How do we know when failures of health, attitude or choice are associated with faulty hardware, software, or data.
    • For example, when a person unnecessarily loses a life, how do we determine which contributing factors (e.g. structural brain defects, chemical imbalance, or systemic conditioning) were beyond their control?
  • How would our approach to diagnostics and treatment differ if we applied these principles toward managing emotions with dignity (e.g. affirmations and self-help books vs. nutrient therapies, surgeries, or pills)?
  • Does our current process for treating individuals and systemic frailties currently reflect what we understand to be healthy for the brain?
  • Would these factors require that we reassess what it means to be healthy given the systemic conditions that influence our behaviors with respect to these alterable factors within the body?
    • If so, what are some ways we can begin to begin to make these considerations accurately?
    • Moving forward: What would this look like and How may we begin to apply appropriate remedies with efficacy?
  • How would these factors impact the ways in which we evaluate the behavior of people in interpersonal systems?

Just some thoughts to consider…


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